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About Word Counter Tool

Word Counter Tool:

This is the version of the word counter which relies on CounterWordCount from this GitHub repository.

Advanced CounterWordCount

CounterWordCount is a helper function that comes from multiple forks. That will enable you to fetch the CounterWordCount in counters as a function.

With CounterWordCount you get the actual CounterWordCount function.

It uses SetWordCount in the counter so we don’t need a different counter for this. Also, you use CounterWordCount as a function that returns CounterWordCount.

As an example we need CounterWordCount as a function in counters but not in wordcounter.com.

CounterWordCount , CounterWordCount , WordCounter

In this article, we only get word counters word counter tools.

It will give us the option to get the CounterWordCount of any word which appears in the table of all words in wordcounter.com’s HTML.