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Free SEO Checker tools in 2021

List of top and best free SEO checker tools to use in 2021 for keyword research and website optimization.

1. Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool

Why we have put the Google search console on top of the free Best SEO checker tools of 2021?

Below are a few important points why you must have Google Search Console for your website.

  • Google Search Console is free to use
  • Google Search console is developed by the google team
  • Google Search Console helps you to measure your website traffic and performance
  • It helps you to fix issues on your website
  • Google search console gives a clear picture about queries that bring users to your site.
  • It helps to analyze your website impressions, clicks, and position with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly graphs.
  • With the help of the Google search console, you can index your new post and page quickly and rapidly.
  • It helps to review your website index and coverage issues and make sure Google has the updated data about your website in timely indexing.
  • Google Search Console sends email alerts to you whenever your website identifies the issue related to URLs and it helps you to tell Google when you have fixed them.
  • It helps you to optimize your search appearance on Google and increase organic traffic to your website on desktop and mobile (AMP) views.
  • With the help of Google Search Console, you can test, monitor, and track your website AMP pages and reports related to AMP.
  • It provides information about mobile useability with customized reports.
  • It gives rich results about your recipes, structured data can appear as rich results and it monitors and improves them using its reports.

2. Google Keyword Planner:

Google keyword planner is the second most important Best free SEO checker tool in 2021 after the Google search console available to use.

Benefits of Google keyword planner:

  • With Google keyword planner you can find powerful keywords related to your business and these keywords help your website to rank organically on google’s top pages.
  • Google Keyword planner gives long-tail and short-tail keyword idea’s for your products and services.
  • With a keyword planner, you can check the estimates on the number of searches a keyword related to your business gets each month.
  • It helps to understand how and which keyword fit into different categories related to your brand.
  • Keyword planner provides a clear view of keyword bid, budget, competitor keywords, customer behavior in your industry.
  • If you have a keyword, you may get a search volume and forecast details for free with the help of this google keyword planner tool.

Five Best practices to finding new keywords provide by Google:

  • Think like your customer – Provide information about your product describing how your customers think of your product or services.
  • Be Specific but not too specific – Provide a clear description about your product like a “website designer”, but don’t too specific like “website designer for blogger” or “website designer for HTML websites”.
  • Highlight well-known brands in your offering – including the popular brand that your sell.
  • Use multiple keywords or keyword phrases about your business
  • Use location wisely – use location in your keyword in case your customers are not in the same location as your service or product.

3. SEOQuake: Free and A Powerful SEO Toolbox.

SEOQuake: Free and A Powerful SEO Toolbox for your Browser is on top three in the list of Best free SEO checker tools

  • Five bullet points about SEO Quake:
  • Free to use SEO toolbox, one-click installation
  • Provides Quick On-page SEO audit reports in a minute
  • Detailed examination about internal and external links of any website
  • multiple domain and URLs comparison in real-time
  • easily export audit data into a file

We love SEO Quake super and powerful three parameters that are free to use.

  1. Page parameters
  2. Domain Parameters
  3. Backlinks

Page Parameters:

With the help of SEO Quake, you can find the top page parameters related to Google cache data, Facebook likes, source view and Pinterest pin count.

  • Google Cache date: it provides the details about google created a cache version of the queried page for your website.
  • Facebook likes: Social media engagement plays a vital role to bring organic traffic to your page and Information related to the amount of Facebook likes that your query URL has received can be extracted with SEO Quake.
  • Source link view: Internal and external link the view is important to improve on-page SEO and you can extract the detailed view about the current page source for free.
  • Pinterest pin count: Pinterest is an important tool to get organic traffic to your website with Pinterest pins related to your site or page and this tool provides the count of pin queried page has received.

Domain parameters:

It checks SEMrush Rank – It provides The SEMrush rank and rating of your site’s popularity based on organic traffic coming from Google’s top search results.

Google Index page information – it generates the details about indexed pages examined by Google for the given query or domain.

Bing Index page information – it generates the number of indexed pages tested by Bing for the given query or domain.

Alexa Rank & position – You can get your site Alexa ranks information with domain search.

Webarchive Age information – it gives the first date from when discovered your site.

Information about Baidu Index and Yahoo Index – the number of indexed pages test by both Baidu and Yahoo for the given domain.

SEMrush SE Traffic information – the number of average monthly traffic SEMrush has estimated for the queried page.

SEMrush SE Traffic Price by SEO Quake – the estimated amount it would cost on average per month to bid on the keywords the queried page is ranking for within SEMrush.

SEMrush Video Advertisement – Get information about the number of YouTube Ads are available on the queried page.

Computation of Rank – The computation of Rank is based on organic Visitors and does not consider page views or the number of visits made to the website.

Whois info – Domain Tool’s Whois record for the queried page.

This Metrics gives information about the number of links leading to your current queried domain. Links from google, SEMrush, SEMrush Linkdomain, SEMrush Linkdomain2, and Baidu Link.

4. Answer The Public: Free SEO Checker Tools.

  • Answer the public is a powerful tool to get keyword ideas and to get insights into customer’s minds.
  • Answer The Public is also called a goldmine of content ideas.
  • This tool auto-completes the data from popular search engines like google, bing and creates the question, sentences using phrases people are asking around your keyword.
  • Give results in two ways visualization mode and on data mode.
  • It creates questions, prepositions, related words, image questions, and comparisons on the searched keywords.
  • Daily three you can perform with a free account and unlimited search with a premium account
  • Generate questions people asking around your topic
  • On the pro version, you will get alerts of new questions on any brand, topic, or name.
  • This tool is useful only for keyword research, if you need meta description, on-page SEO, article re-write, word count SEO tools then check out these two links. and

5. Whatsmyserp: Powerful Rank & Serp Tracking. Completely Free SEO Checker tool

  • One-click installation on the browser (extension)
  • Get Related keywords with search terms on the search page.
  • Get related terms people also searching for with volume, CPC details
  • You can keep track of your website keyword ranks on Google with a free signup account.
  • No credit card required for a free account and you can signup with your Google account.
  • The free account of Whatsmyserp gives 10 checks per day.
  • You can track the keyword & tags of your website with volume, URL, and up to 30 days of data.
  • Expert keyword ranking report in excel and CSV in one click.


Above mention, points in this post are only for information purposes and explained on basis of self-experience.

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